Sabine Christiansen

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free consultant
soon to come


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Deep Ocean Vertical Zones - Other: 
my conservation-related work goes across all zones
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WWF, IUCN as contractors, others as partners

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3 priority science questions that need to be answered: 
Problems to be addressed: 1. develop understanding of ecological sustainability of ecosystems facing human use - can human use in the deep sea ever be sustainable? Is the sum of all impacts larger than the summed individual impacts? How could deepsea mining ever be carried out (except at the economically irrelevant short-lived vent fields) without loosing species and habitats? How to account for uncertainty in our knowledge? and how can science help to tip the balance towards precautionary decisions? 2. develop practically the concept for the CBD goal of a global representative PA network - consider also corridor approach 3. develop a clear vision of "the future that we want" where science meets management - the short-term projections of current stakeholders need to be counter-balanced by a larger vision, if possible plan where to go. This should be integrative over the climate projections and expected related ecosystem changes to old and new resource exploitations with related ecological impacts to something like the value of deep sea resource exploitation in terms of money (it is not much) and food value (same, does not contribute) in relation to the risk of loosing the deep sea processes and resources - ecosystem services.

Preferred contribution to bridging the gap:

Preferred contribution to bridging the gap - Other: 
guess this is meant for active scientists only - my role would be to bridge the gap by pulling the scientific evidence together to make it accessable to policy and management